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Backpacker Bay

This is a project I’ve been working on to provide guides and to build a community of like-minded people.

The main aim of starting this site was to create an environment for users to post and share guides and tips around backpacking in New Zealand. There are multiple features I’d like to incorporate, including a WYSIWYG editor, image editing and personal blog pages.

It’s built using ReactJS and Express and has been hosted using AWS. This was my first attempt at using Express and I enjoyed the ability to code a different part of the stack using JS.

Ethical State

Ethical State is an online marketplace that aims to bring sustainable and eco-friendly products to everyone.

I was tasked with building it from the ground up and was required to meet strict deadlines and with an emphasis on user experience.

Challenges I had to overcome for this project were improving page speeds and creating a responsive design, ensuring the customers had a great journey from start to finish. I was also the sole developer on this project.

Big Bang Partnership

Big Bang Partnership is an innovation consultancy for business growth and transformation. They recently went through a rebrand and required a new website as part of the process.

The goal was to create a modern looking website that showcases what the business does and how they can help others.

Challenges in this project included organising content in the most efficient manner, implementing different layouts across the site and complex features, including sliders and a resource downloads section.

The Black Bull at Nateby

The Black Bull at Nateby is a B&B in the heart of Cumbria. They were looking for a new website, which fitted in with their relaxed country vibe.

Key goals of this site were to integrate their channel manager and to showcase both their menus and their rooms.

Idea Time Membership site

The Big Bang Partnership were looking for a modern and commercial membership site to increase the awareness of their Idea Time brand.

On this project, functionality and usability was key, and it was fantastic for furthering my knowledge of WordPress and PHP.

Challenges I had to overcome for this project were integrating a forum and sharing cookies between the main site and the forum (on the subdomain) and working to the needs of the customer.

A.B. Electrical Wholesalers

A.B. Electrical Wholesalers were looking for a professional site to showcase their wide range of products and to generate new leads.

I decided to use HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and Bootstrap to create the website, along with PHP for a contact form.

The client was very happy with the end result, and it was fantastic for broadening my knowledge of website development.

The Hair Studio Easingwold

The Hair Studio Easingwold were looking for a bold design that matched their brand.

The website was my first experience with commercial web design, and so this project required a lot of research to get different parts of it working, e.g. the widgets and iframes

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